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Setup and Configure a New Computer or Laptop

When you buy new computers, there’s always something that needs to be done for setup and configuration. Setting up a computer is not a difficult process, but it can be time-consuming. New computers often come with bloatware and other unwanted applications such as a 30-day trial of a sub-par antivirus, movie playing applications that constantly ask you to pay to use features that your computer should already come with, and other unwanted nuisance programs.

To avoid wasting time and being overcharged, be sure to uninstall all of these unwanted applications.

  • Antivirus Trial: For most people, purchasing a computer includes the purchase of a trial version of an antivirus such as McAfee. In order to avoid the hassle and cost of purchasing after the 30-day trial, you should uninstall it after setting up your new computer. If you’re still concerned about malware in your personal files or on your desktop, we here at Blackhawk MSP can help get you situated with BitDefender. A reputable antivirus program that will actually protect you.
  • Pre-installed Games or apps: You’ve just got your new computer and you’re excited to install all your favorite programs, but there are a few games that come pre-installed on your system. These are games that you’ll never play, but you will be charged for them .You have no use for these games, but you don’t want to waste the disk space. The good news is that you can uninstall these programs from your PC in a few simple steps under Apps in settings. Every PC manufacturer adds its own set of bloatware to their computers. For instance, Acer bloatware includes:
    • Acer Theme Manager
    • Acer Care Center
    • Acer System Module
    • Acer Registration
    • Acer Cloud Browser
    • Acer Portal
    • Acer Quick Access
    • Acer System Monitor
    • Acer GameZone
    • Acer Care Center
    • Acer Launch Manager
    • Acer App Place
    • Acer Quick Access
    • Acer Registration
    • Recovery Management from Acer
  • We all know that new computers come with a variety of bloatware pre-installed, but did you know that Microsoft even bundles bloatware on all new computers? Any computer that you purchase that includes Windows 10 Home is going to include bloatware from both the manufacturer, and from Microsoft.There are many different bloatware programs that Microsoft bundles with new computers. Some of these include a trial of:
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Groove Music
    • Xbox Live
    • Microsoft Teams for Consumers
    • Skype
    • Candy Crush
    • Dolby Access
    • Mixed Reality Portal

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