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What are windows updates, and why should I run them?

Windows Updates are cumulative updates that allow Windows to keep up to date with the latest tweaks and bug fixes. They’re important because if you don’t run them, your computer could be vulnerable to viruses and other security issues,

How can I check for and install Windows Updates?

There are two different ways to check for and install Windows Updates:

1) From Settings.

2) From the Update & Security icon in the notification area.

What kinds of windows updates are there?

There are 3 kinds of Windows Updates:

  • Windows Security updates

Windows Security updates are patches and fixes for Microsoft Windows. These include security enhancements, stability improvements, and fixes for any problems that might have arisen since the software’s release.

  • Windows Feature updates

Feature updates provide new features and capabilities to the operating system while preserving a device’s security. These updates can be installed manually or automatically (depending on the version).

  • Windows Quality updates

Windows Quality updates are designed to keep your computer running the latest version of Windows 10. These updates are made up of both security and non-security fixes and they’re important to keep your computer updated.

The Security Updates are the most important, as they fix any bugs that were found in the system. The Feature Updates are less important, as they just add new features to Windows, and Quality Updates fix bugs that were found in the updates.

What if my windows updates won’t download or install?

If you’re running Windows 10 and you’ve been having trouble installing, updating or just haven’t updated Windows in a long time, the Windows Update Assistant may be able to help. It provides a straightforward interface that helps you resolve problems on your device. This means that, rather than taking hours or days to fix all the issues manually, you can get back to work in just a few minutes with the help of the Windows Update Assistant.

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