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Free Computer Diagnosis

We offer you our free computer diagnosis scan, which checks your computer in 10-15 seconds for the most common problems. Nothing will be installed or changed on your computer and no personal data is retrieved. If you enter your e-mail address, we can contact you in case of serious computer problems.

Cyber Security

We specialize in Cyber Security, HIPAA Compliance, Network Protection and Threat Detection.  Contact Us today to keep your company safe from Malware, Spam, and Phishing Attacks.  We will lock down your Emails, Endpoints, Servers and Networks.  Your Office 365 Email is not secure.

Computer Support

We offer Computer Support and Repair for Residential and Business to Business.  We offer services for both PC and Mac’s.  Networking, Servers, and Web Hosting. 
Call  us anytime for help at 1-(925)-218-4000

Virtual CIO

We offer a virtual CIO role to your business.  A (vCIO) is a dedicated resource who serves as a Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis. Their primary role is to formulate strategic IT goals for your company, and then manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals.

Microsoft Partner Network

Blackhawk MSP is a Microsoft Partner

Blackhawk MSP is a certified Microsoft Partner.  We support and resell Office 365, Azure and all other Microsoft Products.   We can manage your Office 365 Infrastructure and save you money at the same time.  We currently manage over 1,000 endpoints.

Featured Staff

Ryan C. Smith
IT Director

Ryann C. Smith has been in IT since 1993. He is a master of all tech. He started Blackhawk MSP in 2010.

Desktop Support Manager

Stefan has over 10 years experience in PC and Mac support. Customers praise his excellence and patience.

Alex O
Field Tech

Alex is a literal genius when it comes to computers. He’s excellent at diagnosing and fixing any type of PC problem

Jasmin Santos
Marketing Director

Jasmin takes care of all marketing for Blackhawk MSP. She’s also studying to become a Cyber Security Officer.

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